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Musculoskeletal Echography

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- Physiotherapy
- TMJ Treatment
- PPE (Percutaneous electrolysis)
- Dry needling

Physiotherapy is a health science that uses physical means to maintain and restore health.

We always offer a personalized and tailored to the patient. In Fisiolucions combine the latest advances with traditional manual treatments.

The main pathologies treated are orthopedic, neurological, respiratory and stress-related.

Treatment (45 m. - 1 pm) basically consist of manual techniques (massage, stretching, myofascial). A complete and ideal treatment for recovery of any pathology always done by the hands of a certified physical therapist.

Osteopathy is based on the belief that all body systems work together, and thus disturbances in one system can affect the performance of others.

The treatment (osteopathic manipulation), consists of techniques designed to relieve pain, restore function and promote health and wellness.

Osteopathy argues that the body suffers and hypomobility hipremovilidad areas get help correcting the patient.

Osteopathy helps revitalize and restore blood flow to the normal range of motion to the joint, thus improving the patient's symptoms.

TMJ TREATMENT (Temporomandibular Joint)
Diseases of the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) are a subgroup of painful problems, headaches, earaches, sore joints, muscles or facial pain.

The main symptom of this disease is joint pain associated with clenching (bruxism), arthritis of other joints or psychological factors (stress).

We devise a customized treatment to correct the TMJ joint dysfunction that affects the functional balance of the entire system.

We also work with a dental clinic to perfectly complement your treatment.

PPE (Percutaneous Electrolysis)
The Percutaneous Electrolysis (PPE) is a revolutionary new method for treating tendinitis offer - chronic tendonitis, ligament and muscle fibrosis.

The technique to have a direct contact injury, produces lysis or degraded tissue destruction and fibrotic real time, increasing the regeneration and promoting proper inflammatory response, facilitating the recovery process in less time and with greater assurance of good results.

This technique was created by Jose Manuel Sanchez after many years of research in the field of tendon regeneration and pathophysiology of soft tissue.

The dry needling is aimed at treatment of trigger points. Trigger points, defined very simply, are the points where muscle tissue is more shortened, so that you are missing nutrients and, therefore, is hypersensitive to touch. You can also take a radiating pain.

The idea is to treat this area of maximum contracture (myofascial trigger point) by the introduction of a needle, usually in acupuncture at the trigger point. This makes the central nervous system begins a process of regeneration of the damaged muscle so that more nutrients reach, and if the puncture is successful, the muscle relaxes and disappear entirely symptoms such as local pain and radiating pain.

Manual techniques implemented through the skilled hands of a certified physical therapist, knowledgeable and skilled in treating the signs unique to this modality, as effective as needed.

Involves the manipulation of soft tissues. Is integral and indispensable part of physical therapy to prepare the rehabilitation.

- Massage Therapy.
- Sports massage.

We all kind of sports injury rehabilitation from the viewpoint of trauma, from a simple sprain to a knee through countless fractures and dislocations of the joints.

We specialize in all types of sports physiotherapy from sports team or individual to fund sports and ultraendurance. Treat specific sports injuries using the latest techniques (dry needling, electrotherapy, electrolysis percutaneous, etc.). To recover the athlete as quickly as possible in an efficient manner.

Electrotherapy is a therapy based on the application of electric fields whose profits come from them. It is necessary to apply electrodes to produce an electrical current that provides maximum power with a proper safety and comfort.

Electrotherapy vascular level to increase circulation and reduce fatigue of the muscle fibers.

Electrical stimulation to the nerve tissue that innervates the muscle fiber, thus creating muscle fibers stimulate muscle work without exhaustion full, painless and effective level of rehabilitation.

The musculo-skeletal Echography is a technique in constant progress and development increasingly important in clinical practice physiotherapist in both physiotherapy diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

It is a dynamic, powerful tool that physiotherapists Fisiolucions was used in the physical examination of the patient allowing them, in real time and comparatively evaluate objectively the injured tissue, thereby properly program the Physiotherapy program at the same time in subsequent sessions assess the evolution with physiotherapy treatment received.

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